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Γονιμότητα"The poetry of the user and Elijah manifested through the digital art through different routes.

Both respond to the ominous voices past and present that information technology and technocratic modernism, modern expressive tools, including the digitization, electronic image processing deprives aponefronei and dehydrates the artistic expression of the myth, the Tragically, the imaginary as a direct consequence of the deterioration of artistic work (B. Benziamin and behind the F. Nietzsche) as it was understood as such. But with their work and demonstrate the two outdated and untrue most of such perceptions and views. Were the digital image (digital image) and the infinite opportunities to create personal art project, which incorporates a creative ypostasiopoiei around in a creative composition and achieved the aim of them, now is the fact ekferomeno, ie work.

A project where the struggle of the author here lies not in the mix and run in color, but the selection and combination of elements, the acceptance and exclusion that through the myriad possibilities offered by technology that, through this interplay, to obtain the vibration of visual creations.

Therefore, the artistic expression and catalytic burst spontaneously from any source, from any channel, to and from the agonionta and tragic isolation and alienation of human beings will always respond to the endless rhetoric of whoops, exclusions and limitations of phobic subscriptions , the original, and above all the hazards of power. "


Excerpt from the text of the art critic Thanasis Varlami, written on the occasion of the "Dialogues" of brothers Stavrou, Christos and Elias Kotsireas Gallery ADAM in May 2008.



from studio Kotsireas
Dimofontos 13-15, 11851 Thiseio, Athens
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Η ποιητική του Χρήστου και του Ηλία εκδηλώνεται μέσα από την ψηφιακή φωτογραφική τέχνη . . .


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